Temperature Matters for Air Mattresses


If you’ve ever slept on an inflatable airbed in cool weather, you know just how much temperature impacts beds that depend on air chambers for support. You may go to best bed with a just-right mattress and wake up riding low, piled up in the middle of the bed with your hips just an inch or two off of the floor.


It’s a rather unpleasant experience, isn’t it?

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While a mattress that uses air chambers won’t leave you hovering just above the floor like an airbed for camping, temperature can affect it too and impact your sleeping experience.


Taking Temperature into Account

The trick to sleeping comfortably on an air-chamber mattress is finding the right one for your environment. Keeping temperature in mind can help you rest well on an air mattress in any weather.


  • If you live in a cooler climate, look for a mattress that is specifically designed for cold weather. These mattresses often have heating units integrated into their construction to ensure a stable sleeping surface.


  • Check the pressure in your mattress. On cooler nights, you may want to increase the pressure in your mattress to compensate for declining temperatures.


  • Trap the heat. Just as you add blankets to keep you warm, adding material to your mattress can help it retain heat. Look for a mattress pad or cover to help prevent heat loss.


  • Go light on warm nights. During summer months, switch out your comforter for a lighter one that won’t trap as much heat to ensure that you have a cool night’s sleep and the pressure in your mattress stays steady.


Sleeping in Comfort

Many people find an air-chamber bed to be worth the extra attention to temperature because of the mattress’ unique benefit.


Air mattresses look like traditional spring mattresses from the outside but the inside is a series of air chambers that can be controlled remotely for a customized sleeping surface on each side of the bed. This makes it a great option for people who have different preferences — a soft vs. a firm bed — or varying needs. You can create a personalized sleeping experience each night to match what your body needs, such as a firmer surface to support an aching back or a softer one when you just want to relax.


Because of the adjustable chambers, air mattresses may also more closely conform to your body and support your hips and shoulders than a spring mattress, which helps relieve aches and pains.


With a range of options and long-lasting construction, you can be guaranteed an excellent night’s sleep on an air-chamber mattress in any weather.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep on a Foam Mattress


A more recent innovation, foam mattresses are well known for offering a soft, supportive sleeping surface that relaxes and restores.


Here’s what you need to know about memory foam mattresses.


What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is made from polyurethane mixed with chemicals to boost its viscosity and density. Memory foam is a dense material that slowly springs back after pressure is applied and doesn’t completely give. Memory foam matches pressure against it to provide support. It is also temperature sensitive, so it gives as your body warms the memory foam and closely contours to your body.


A Quick History

Memory foam was invented in the 1960s under a NASA agreement to improve aircraft cushions. The process entered the public domain in the 1980s and was first used in mattresses in the early 1990s. Memory foam is now utilized in various combinations in mattresses.


The Original

Standard memory foam mattresses gained popularity for their ability to relieve pressure points, contour specifically to each person’s body and reduce motion transfer from a partner’s movement.


Traditional memory foam does have a tendency to retain heat, which can lead to an uncomfortable sleeping experience for some people.


Gel-Infused Memory Foam

A newer option, gel-infused memory foam mattresses tackle the problem of heat retention by better distributing the heat and letting it escape for a more comfortable night’s sleep.


The gel can be added as a liquid during production or gel beads can be placed in pockets or layers through out the interior of a memory foam mattress.


A gel-infused mattress maintains the same advantage as traditional memory foam with the extra perk of a cooler sleeping surface.


A Greener Alternative

Another newer innovation is plant-based memory foam. Crafted from plants and not petroleum products, natural memory foam eliminates the use of potentially hazardous chemicals and emissions after production.


Allergies Beware

A memory foam mattress also offers better protection against allergies and bugs than a more conventional spring mattress. Its dense construction leaves it void of crevices for bed bugs and dust mites to hide in, unlike spring mattresses that have an airy structure.

How to Pick the Best Mattress for You

Sinking into bed at night and finally relaxing on a super comfortable top rated mattresses mattress shouldn’t be a luxury. It should be a nightly occurrence for everyone but abad mattress might have you waking up with aches and pains.

mattress reviews

Though bedding and the room’s atmosphere play a role, the right mattress is a big factor in getting a good night’s sleep and protecting your health and wellness.


Look at Every Aspect

If you’re shopping for a new best mattress reviews mattress, start with some introspection. What’s your personal preference for a mattress? What’s your favorite sleeping position?


Answering these two questions narrows your search to only mattresses that best fit you. Someone who likes a firm mattress and is a back sleeper may pick a completely different mattress than a side sleeper who also likes a firm mattress.


Not too Soft, Not too Firm

You want a mattress that is just right. Not too soft and not too firm. A too soft mattress may not offer adequate support, pushing your body out of alignment and causing pain in your pressure points, such as your hips and shoulders.


A bed that is too firm can also affect your body. A mattress needs to have enough give to accommodate the contours of your body, even when sleeping on your back. It’s uncomfortable to lay on a hard surface that doesn’t give, and it can also affect the alignment in your body and spine.


With that said, side sleepers may prefer a softer mattress while people who suffer from back pain may like a firmer one.


Get into the Weeds

Don’t shy away from the details when shopping for a new mattress. This is a purchase you could be living with for more than a decade, so you want to spend the time to get it right.


Make research a part of deciding which mattress is right for you. Being an educated consumer will help you understand the different types of mattresses and ensure that you end up with the right one.

Finding the Best Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

The power of sleep is well documented. Your body needs sleep, and adequate sleep at that, to function properly. You can’t be at your best when you aren’t rested.


Many factors— such as illness, medication, light, room temperature, etc. — can affect how well and how long you sleep. A big factor is your mattress, and it’s one of the easiest things to control along with light and temperature.


A mattress that is worn, of low quality or a poor fit for your body can have you waking up with aches and pains.

best firm mattress

Finding the best mattress for you may improve your health and ensure that you rest well at night.


Know What You’re Looking for in a Mattress

Don’t just buy the first mattress you see or try. Put some research and thought into buying a mattress. This is a big purchase, both in the amount of money you may spend and how much time you will spend using the mattress best firm mattres.


Take the time to make an educated investment in your health and wellness and learn about the different types of mattresses on the market.


Check Out Online Reviews

As you research mattresses, reading mattress reviews and evaluations online can help you figure out if that particular mattress may be a good fit for you.


A manufacturer or retailer may only tell you the positives about a the best mattress but someone who purchased and sleeps on that mattress can tell you in detail how it is holding up, if it matched the company’s promises and how it has impacted their health and sleep.

A Top-Rated Mattress Makes a House a Home

Many people dream of buying a house and turning it into a beautiful home with their personal touch.

top rateed mattresses

Just as you invest in a home and furniture, finding the mattress ratings for you can be a good investment in your health and comfort. Losing sleep to a less than optimal mattress can ruin your day and leave you feeling groggy and achy.


Adding just the right bedding can make an even cozier nest and complete the look of your bedroom. When selecting bedding, consider the color of the walls and curtains and the room’s lighting to find a pattern or color that complements the other elements of your room.


For your mattress purchase, remember to keep the overall cost, quality and if the mattress fully meets your needs in mind.


A Perfect End to Your Day

Your mattress should be a relaxing place to go at the end of the day. You spend thousands of hours sleeping each year. Shouldn’t it be a comfortable, most comfortable mattress , refreshing experience? You should lie down on your mattress and feel your stress and worries melt away as your body eases into its softness.


A best rated mattress mattress should be just as wonderful of an experience as brewing a cup of coffee and sitting on the couch or curling up in an overstuffed chair to read. Do your body a favor and find a best mattress that gives you the best night’s sleep.


Don’t Short Yourself

Some people compromise comfort and support for price when purchasing a mattress but you should look at the overall cost and how often you use a mattress. We paytens of thousands of dollars for a car then spend only a few hours — if that — each day using it. A mattress though?


A top rateed mattresses mattress is a high stakes purchase and one used for about a third of each day. A poor mattress can cause aches and pain in your body and keep you from getting a good night’s sleep and waking up rested.


If you sleep even six hours a night, you will spend much more time sleeping each year than driving. It’s best for your health to commit to spending a bit more money to get the best mattress that meets your needs.


Be a Picky Shopper

Because of the impact it has on your life, buying a mattress is a big decision and you will be living with results for several years to come.


Start your hunt for a mattress by doing your homework. Research what types of mattresses are available and which one may be the best fit for your needs.


If you’re interested in natural products, a latex mattress may be a good option.


If you like a soft mattress but your partner likes a firm one, a mattress that uses air chambers to control the firmness may be the best mattress for you both.


Once you’ve narrowed it down, check out the company or brand’s policies. Some allow you to sleep on the mattress then return it within a set amount of time if you don’t care for it, which may be an attractive option.


No matter what type of mattress you pick, keep your health and comfort in mind and you’re sure to end up with the mattress ratings for you and the perfect addition to your home.

Valuable tips about Choice of Mattress

Mattress is certainly one of the most considerations that need to be given more importance in regards to facets of great sleep. The mattress transforms a wooden frame or an iron framework into a bed. There are many kinds of mattress available for selection, where they can be purchased in different size, the material and the comfort it is offering.

More concern must be given for choice of the substance by which they are made since they are able to order numerous things. When going for typically the most popular memory foam mattress, the problem that a lot of people face is that they’re allegedly recording when they are lying asleep for a long time that they’re feeling so much on bed of heat. It’s going to be very difficult to make sure of the fact that they’re going to not be unsatisfactory over a long run.

Natural mattress acceptable for all

Best and Worst Mattresses of 2015: End of Year Report

Latex is one of the most common matters that a lot of people understand. The people are really merchandise from natural rubber that made and is processed for this type. Latex is a totally natural material that does not have any side effects as it is with the case of polyurethane based foam mattress. The reasons why latex based mattress is not unpopular are as follows:

— They are made from completely natural substances, acceptable for all people starting from only produced

— They comes with various conventional dimensions that can suit for any kind of bed

— Since their cushion effect retains than polyurethane based mattress, they are able to last for several years

All latex advantage

When going through latex mattress reviews, it’s extremely simple on which type of latex mattress to choose from the list of various mattresses to make a selection. Moreover, there are many economical mattresses available for choice, which can fit well for all people. At once, there is also mattress available which are appropriate for high class society folks that are with more attributes than routine one.

Without pressuring body parts

since body are made from latex materials that are soft but solid, they are going to retain their state for some time even when it’s used for a long span. Many latex mattress reviews are at present accessible regarding different kinds of mattress and the benefits they offered to customers. All reviews are from the words of customers who are writing out of the personal experience, not just adding some sort over online. In addition, various mattress kinds that were available can be known through means of reviews.

Sleeping well:

When the consumers select the best kind of mattresses, they gift themselves with the crucial quantity and calibre of the sleep, which their bodies require. The consumers would need to pick up the appropriate qualities when it comes to selection of the mattresses, like the height, width, amount softness of pillow, etc.